The Hut

Remembering The Hut Drive-In - West Palm Beach, FL

Last night, I met an older gentleman (early 70's) who was reminiscing about the 'old days' in Palm Beach County. We all have our own stories to tell, but he started to talk about his high-school days at The Hut Drive-In on Friday nights.

The Hut Drive-InThe Hut Drive-In was the premier 'teen hangout' in the 1940's to 1970's along Flagler Drive, now the home of Phillips Point Office Complex. Car would be parked 3 deep as a waitress would take your order and bring your meal back on a window tray. I remember 'The Hut" from my early childhood in Palm Beach County, my mom ordering those Coney Island hotdogs and vanilla shakes (for 25 cents) for my sister and three brothers on an occasion. Such an occurrence would be doing good on your report card; thank God my older brother made such good grades or we would of never seen 'The Hut" based on my report  card.

Those were special times and the conversation brought me back almost 50 years. Life was still challenging but you had a safe place to go on weekends.  Just to be seen there was 'cool'!

Burt (Buddy) Reynolds reportedly once said that "The Hut" was a place to be seen; seniors and football players got preference to park in the front of the lines. Now I know why the old stationwagon, filled with five kids, was parked almost in the street along Flagler Drive. I wish it was simple to roll-back time, to show our kids how our lives could be shared without Facebook, cell phones, Twitter and other hectic and complex technologies of the 21st century.  

If your lived in Palm Beach County during this time and remember 'hanging out" at 'The Hut", share your favorite moments with us.