Board Meeting Notes


Board Meeting present                                                                         11/20/2017. 12:00

Dwight Saxon Chairman 1970
Greg Rice  1969
Glenn Blount 1966
Pat Jawdy 1967
Judy Wolfson Smith 1952
Brenda Booth 1963
Marvin Anthony 1961
Geoger Reese 1961
Roger Stambaugh.                                               Son of Reggie & Carolyn 1947
Billy Smith Absent
Liz Hulett Absent
Michael Green.                            Absent
  1. Board Meeting Called to Order at 12:20 lunch first from Russo's.
  2. Discussed who owns the building the museum is in, we are getting closer to an answer.
  3. Talked about the Air Conditiong in the building, Bill Smith (Class of 1971) owns Dick Smith Air Condtioning, will meet with Dwight Saxon next week.
  4. Discussed the websites George Reese & Dwight Saxon will meet in the near future to work together to get down to one website.
  5. Gave Geroge Reese a key to the museum.
  6. We spoke about the Book Scanner, Software and Computer, Dwight suggested we wait till the A/C is up and running in the museum and Dwight will purchase the computer and software needed before the first of the year.
  7. Roger Stambaugh is going to see if we can get a $5,000 dollar donation for maintenance on the building.
  8. TV's after the scanning project is done we will look at 2 Flat Screen TV's to install in the museum where you can go through the year books by year as well as the Frond Newspapers.

       The Board would like to thank everyone who has donated toward the scanning project.

       Meeting Ajourned at 1:25 PM

       Next Meeting will be announced.





Board Meeting present                                                                         9/21/2017.   12:00

Dwight Saxon Chairman 1970
Mike Green 1969
Greg Rice 1969
Pat Sprague Jawdy  1967
Glen Blount 1966
Judy Wolfson Smith 1952
Brenda Booth Fields   1963
  1. Dwight Saxon Welcomed and thanked all new members.
  2. Introductions.
  3. We will discuss the direction the board would like to go in the next meeting.
  4. Notified everyone the lock was changed on the front door and who will have keys.
  5. Air Conditioning: Dwight will replace tomorrow and we are going to have an A/C company give us a price for a split unit.
  6. Book Scanner has been purchased by Dwight Saxon and he will be reimbursed in the future when we  have enough donations. We also need to purchase some software and a monitor, that will be done in the next 2-3 weeks, we hope to be scanning within a month all the year books and frond newspapers etc. (looking for volunteers)
  7. We are still looking for two more board members (if intrested please reply to
  8. We are gettiing a report from Judy Wolfson Smith on how many active committee members we have.
  9. We discussed who owns the building, the museum building and we will research who owns it before we put a lot of money into the building for repairs.
  10. We discussed how often the board will meet and where. We decided to meet one more time next month then determine how often we will meet and where.
  11. Dwight Saxon ask anyone that have any suggestions or ideas send to
  12. We discussed how to get more donations, how to get classmates more active with the websites and facebook.
  13. We discussed the store on the website ... and decided to keep it the way it is for now we get 15% of all sales. We need to send the logo to the store of our wildcat.
  14. We discussed changing the mailing address on the the website.
  15. Dwight will try to reach out to George Reese about the websites.

Adjourned at 1:05